Value Your Trade

Know Your Budget before You Shop with Fairview Ford

Buying a new car can lead to a lot of questions. Are you going to buy or lease? A new car or an old car? How much car can you actually afford? Let the finance team here at Fairview Ford help you find the answers.

We're experts in all matters regarding automotive finance purchases. We walk our customers, including those in Riverside and Victorville, through the entire process step by step, and answer all of their questions along the way in order to help them find the best deal that works for them and their families.

As part of our Fairview Ford commitment to saving you time and answering your questions, we provide several online budgeting tools, like this value a trade-in calculator.

Valuing Your Old Car as a Trade-In

One way a lot drivers in Redlands, Fontana, and beyond, use to maximize their car-buying budget, is trading in their old car at the dealership to get money off their next purchase.

If you're considering using your old car as a trade-in, wouldn't it be helpful to know ahead of time what it's actually worth? That way, you'll have an idea of what your actual budget is before you even start looking at vehicles and going out on test drives.

We've provided this handy calculator to help you determine your budget ahead of time. Just fill in your contact information, the make, model, age, and condition of your car, and we'll give you the approximate value of its worth as a trade.

By using this calculator ahead of time, you'll have a better picture of what your price range for potential cars will look like.

Shopping at Fairview Ford

At Fairview Ford, helping our San Bernardino customers maximize their budgets is just one more way we aim to be your home for car shopping. Whether you're in the market for one of our amazing brand new Ford models, or your considering any of our special pre-owned vehicle deals, you can count on Fairview Ford to provide the best selection and topnotch professional advice every step of the way.