Premium Maintenance Program


Premium Maintenance

Premium Maintenance from Ford ESP covers routine inspections, preventive care and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items that require periodic attention, including:

• Engine oil and filter changes
• Multi-point inspections
• Tire rotations
• Brake pads and linings
• Shock absorbers/struts
• Spark plugs
• Clutch discs
• Engine belts
• Engine coolant hoses, clamps and
o-ring seals
• Wiper blades
• Diesel exhaust fluid fill at the time scheduled
maintenance is performed at dealership

Mile After Mile After Mile ...

With the Premium Maintenance Plan, you get:

• Timely care and inspections that can prevent
serious and expensive repairs
• Optimal vehicle performance for the long run
• Protection for your vehicle investment
and budget
• May increase your resale or lease-end value,
while limiting maintenance costs

• Failures of covered components due to
normal wear and tear and mechanical
breakdowns are included
• Ford factory-trained technicians using
original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM)
parts to help keep your vehicle

Premium Coverage for Scheduled Maintenance

The following services are representative of required maintenance for your vehicle. Your actual plan will be based on your vehicle’s maintenance needs as indicated in your Owner’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide:

• Change engine oil and replace oil filter
• Inspect and rotate tires
• Inspect brake pads/shoes/rotors/drums, brake
lines and parking brake system
• Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise
• Inspect and lubricate steering linkage, ball
joints, suspension and, if equipped, halfshafts,
driveshafts and u-joints
• Change transmission fluid
• Replace fuel filter
• Replace engine air filter
• Change engine coolant
• Replace PCV valve
• If equipped, change transfer case fluid
• If equipped, inspect and lubricate 4x4 front
axle shaft u-joints
• If equipped, lubricate 4x4 front hub
needle bearings
• If equipped, lubricate 4x2 front wheel bearings,
replace grease seals and adjust bearings
• If equipped, fill diesel exhaust fluid

Multi-Point Inspection

At each service interval, your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive multi-point inspection as indicated in your Owner’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide:

• Check fluid levels and fill:
– Transmission (if equipped with a dipstick)
– Brake reservoir
– Power steering
– Coolant recovery reservoir
– Window washer
– Diesel exhaust fluid (if necessary)

• Check following systems/components:
– Operation of horn, interior lights, exterior lamps,
turn signals, and hazard and brake lights
– Windshield washer spray, wiper operation
and wiper blades
– Windshield for cracks, chips and pitting
– Radiator, heater and air conditioning lines
for leaks and damage
– Engine air filter
– Oil and fluid leaks
– Exhaust system (leaks, damage, loose parts)
– Steering and steering linkages
– Shocks/struts and other suspension
components for leaks and/or damage
– Accessory drive belt(s)
– Clutch operation (if equipped)
– Tires for wear and proper air pressure

Some Points to Remember

• You can choose a coverage plan that
meets your individual driving habits –
plans are available in 5,000-, 7,500-
and 10,000-mile intervals
• Protect yourself against rising maintenance
costs due to inflation
• Covers failures of covered wear items
• With Ford ESP, you’re covered at all Ford
and Lincoln Dealers in the U.S., Canada
and Mexico

Installment Payment Plan Options

​When paying for your Ford ESP, you have
a choice:

• Interest-free payments
• No credit checks
• 100% approved
• Variety of payment terms and methods
Time and Mileage Options
The Ford ESP Premium Maintenance Plan is
available up to the time and mileage intervals
listed below. Choose the plan that best
matches your driving habits.

Features of Premium
Maintenance Plans

$0 Deductible
This is a prepaid plan; you pay nothing
more for covered services.

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