The Grass is Greener in the Ford Lineup

Fairview Ford is Eco-Friendly and Ready to Spread the Word in San Bernardino

The Ford lineup has been getting a little greener over the past few years, and that's no mistake. Ford has been making a big effort to create vehicles that are both friendly on the environment and on our wallets. Here are some of the most fuel efficient Ford vehicles on the roads today, so if you're a driver in San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, Redlands, or Victorville, CA and you're looking for a way to "go green" with your next new Ford truck, SUV or car, here are the vehicles to put on your shortlist!

The Greener Ford Lineup

Ford Focus Electric

This compact car from Ford is available as either a sedan or a hatchback, and it will help you save on gas big-time...that's because this Ford member is all-electric. You can wave goodbye to the gas pump. The 2017 Ford Focus Electric receives an EPA-estimated **118/96 MPGe city/highway.

Ford C-Max

This compact hatchback gives you two nifty ways to save on gas and help the environment. There's the Ford C-Max Hybrid, which receives an EPA-estimated *42/37 MPG city/highway, and the Ford C-Max Energi, which is a plug-in hybrid model and receives an EPA-estimated **95/81 MPGe city/highway.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion sedan is another standout star of the Ford lineup, giving you two eco-friendly configurations to play around with. You can choose between the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Energi, with the former seeing an EPA-estimated *43/41 MPG city/highway, and the latter seeing an EPA-estimated **104/91 MPGe city/highway. Whoa!

Ford EcoBoost® Vehicles

Alternative powertrains are one way that Ford makes it easy to "go green," but the Ford EcoBoost® engines go a long way in making more powerful traditional-fuel vehicles more efficient. These excellent engines are available throughout the Ford lineup, appearing on favorites like the Ford Focus ST, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer SUV, and even the Ford F-150 pickup truck. The section below goes into more detail about why these engines are so cool, and how they save you on gas.

What is Ford EcoBoost® and What Exactly Does it Do for My Fuel Economy?

EcoBoost® engines are unique to Ford vehicles. While they use traditional fuel alone, these engines have been designed by the brilliant minds at Ford Motor Company to deliver efficiency and power without having to compromise on either. These engines use turbochargers and direct-injection technology to generate excellent performance and a responsive drive, all while saving a little fuel along the way.

What is Turbocharging?

Turbocharging-beyond being a defining trait of Ford EcoBoost® engines-refers to the use of a device that forces in more air than a normal engine would receive. With more air and more fuel comes more power-hence the "boost" in "EcoBoost®." What makes turbocharging special is that it adds power to an engine without making it substantially less efficient. When you simply make an engine bigger, it surly increases performance, but it hurts mileage. Ford's EcoBoost® engines skirt the problem entirely!

Okay, So What is Direct Injection?

This one is no smoke and mirrors-the process of "direct injection" refers to how the fuel gets into an engine. Traditional engines use an extra step-the intake tract-to inject fuel into the engine. With direct injection, the fuel is injected directly into the engine, cutting out the extra step and creating a less complicated, more efficient fuel injection process.

*Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

**Based on 2017 EPA-estimated combined MPGe. Actual MPGe will vary and is dependent upon many factors, including charging practice, battery age, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.